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Capacitive Sensing: we transform your touch into an action


A mere touch or swipe of your finger on a control panel is translated into an action. This is called ‘capacitive sensing technology’ and is based upon the constant monitoring of the electrical capacity of the touch area, which is changed by a human finger.


The assets of capacitive sensing technology for control panels where switching and sliding are required are manifold and offer a unique user experience. Most striking is the backlighting possibility thanks to the translucent printing of the switches. No wonder this tactile screen technology is spreading rapidly with applications in very diverse domains such as wellness (whirlpools, sauna), medical devices, communication and navigation devices, household appliances, vending machines, light switches...


Since many years Quad Industries is at the vanguard of developing and printing capacitive control switches and panels. Our knowledge and experience result in distinct advantages:



  • Maximum reliability
  • Multiple cover lens options: glass, polyester, polycarbonate, acrylic glass
  • Cover lens can be screen printed or full colour, digitally printed
  • Great backlighting possibilities
  • Integration with Projected Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Possible communication protocols:  I2C, MODBUS, RS232, USB...
  • Matrix system reading up to 64 keys
  • Free design with buttons, sliders and wheels
  • High quality assembly


We like to share our know-how in both electronic and mechanical domains to co-engineer your complete capacitive control panel, whatever your industry or field of operation.


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