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Capacitive Touch Sensors


Buying a touch screen is easy. Integrating it smartly into your equipment is our challenge.


Whatever your business segment is - be it in medical, health, railway, public transport, marine, telecom, multimedia, industry, … - your team invests time, money and hard work in developing a great product. The perception of your product is largely determined by the way your customer, the user, interacts with it. Intuitive user experience is crucial in this matter and part of the experience is created by selecting the right touch screen solution.


We believe that the perfect touch screen interface creates added value to your equipment.


Quad Industries solutions:

Standard touch sensors – 3,5" up to 21,5".

Customised touch sensors – our touch sensors as well as tail length and position can be customized. In addition the sensor size can be bigger than the display to have a linear region plus a key region.

Controller – Atmel maXTouch touch screen controllers combine the Atmel patented Charge Transfer and either 8/16-bit or 32-bit Atmel AVR® microcontroller technology to provide unlimited touch (up to 16 touches), fast response time, and smart processing of a capacitive touch image, accurately regenerating and reporting the user’s interaction with the touch screen.


Key features

  • Single or multi touch - rotating, zoom in/out, sliding
  • Fast response
  • Exacting precision
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully customisable cover lens (glass, plexi, foil) – screenprinted or full colour printed
  • Assembly in clean room conditions


We provide not only PCT touch sensors and PCT controllers but also drivers and application software.

ISO 9001
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