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Quad Industries is a leading manufacturer and developer of user interfaces and control panels, which mainly consist of membrane and capacitive switches, overlays and foils, rubber keypads, PCB's, integrated touch screens or displays and plastic or metal housings. Thanks to internal and external production capabilities, Quad Industries can combine these parts into technologically innovative top products.


Quad Industries is organised in 2 dynamic production plants. Headquarters are located in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, where 23 people daily aim at developing and manufacturing the perfect interface solution for our customers. In our Slovakian factory, 70 employees devote themselves every day to delivering high-quality control panels.


What makes Quad Industries unique is the knowledge we have gathered in various domains. We have extensive know-how in graphical, electronic and mechanical design and we are eager to combine these technologies into powerful assemblies.


We keep up with latest developments in materials and machining, we invest in technical research and we are proud of the expertise that our employees carry out. Sustainability is not only a concept, but rather a vision that we keep in mind with every investment we envisage.


Quad Industries is your perfect partner for building the link between man and machine.


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