Quad Industries

Mission / Vision

Quad Industries wants to be your partner in developing customised keyboard solutions, assemblies & electronics with the fundamental aim of achieving profitable and sustainable growth, being reliable in all our processes, deliveries and agreements, by:


  • Creating added value for the customer:

For Quad Industries, this means developing preferred interfaces/assemblies in collaboration with the final customer. The engine for this added value is based on the one hand by the open attitude towards new projects and innovative market-oriented project follow-up and improvement, and on the other hand by the delocalised production network of Quad Industries in Slovakia.


  • Providing reliable, high-quality products:

Our major challenge is to keep the quality process continually up-to-date with ISO, to be innovative with our products and to adapt them to the increasing demands of the market.


  • Continually improving customer satisfaction:

We aim to organise a flexible and clearly structured team that can anticipate and respond to the demands of customers and adaptations in the course of the process.


Quad Industries nv and Quad Slovakia s. r. o. are strongly committed to sustainable development and to act fairly and integriously towards its stakeholders.


  • Health & Safety

    Quad Industries will make reasonable efforts to:

    • Protect the health and safety of its employees.
    • Implement safe and healthful working conditions.
    • Train managers and employees to assure their continued commitment to their own health and safety and that of their colleagues.


  • Environment

    Quad Industries and its subsidiaries are committed to:

    • Meet the legal requirements and rules regarding environmental matters.
    • Support and contribute to the development, the production and the delivery of products and services with an as low as possible negative impact on the environment.
    • Maximize the life cycle of the products and the tooling.
    • Prevent pollution.

    We are passionate about our work and we stay hungry to learn every day!

ISO 9001
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