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Imec and Quad Industries team up for security badge demonstator

Flexible RFID Tags for a Smarter Interconnected World

In a truly interconnected world, microchips will not only be embedded in vehicles, household appliances and health wearables, but also in cheaper consumer goods. Smart labels will provide customers with detailed information on a product’s freshness, origin, or preparation instructions. To explore this opportunity, imec has teamed up with Quad Industries and Agfa to develop a security badge demo that combines plastic RFID tags with screen-printed antennas, both in the tags themselves and in the reader.



Quad Industries develops touch screen for Animo coffee machines

Successful re-design makes a classic even better

When Animo decided to re-design its ComBi-line range of coffee machines, the company was aiming for a modern look and feel along with a high-quality finish. The touch screen display played an important role in realizing this ambition while ensuring maximum user-friendliness.



Quad Industries and ynvisible jointly demonstrate electrochromics printing onto NFC (RFID) tags

NFC - fastest growing tech in smart labelling

Quad Industries and ynvisible have successfully demonstrated the printing of electrochromic (EC) devices onto Near Field Communication (NFC) RFID tags. The joint demonstrators were on display at the Quad Industries' booth at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe 2017 event in Berlin, May 10-11, 2017.



Meet Quad


Berlin, 10–11 May

Quad Industries will be present at Printed Electronics Europe in Berlin, Germany on the 10th and 11th of May. We’re looking forward to meeting you there!

Follow the Quad invitation, select the Printed Electronics fair and buy your ticket.



Utrecht, 30–31 May & 1 June

Quad Industries will also be at the Electronics and Applications fair in Utrecht, the Netherlands from 30 May to 1 June 2017.

Use your Quad registration code EA1108 and get free entrance to the fair.


Quad Industries develops 3D touch-wheel button for Terasel research project

A new dimension for touch-based interfaces

Quad Industries has developed a 3D touch-wheel button as an alternative to the classic mechanical turning knob. “Although this is at present only a demonstrator concept, we believe it will allow us to further explore the possibilities of 3D and curved surfaces for touch-based user interfaces,” says Wim Christiaens of Quad Industries.



CJC Systems introduces a touch-sensitive range of light switches

Let there be light

Lucia is the name of a brand new range of high-end light switches that CJC Systems will be releasing later this year. Its unique, touch-based design was developed in close collaboration with Quad Industries and design agency pilipili.



allóra Factory collaborates with Quad Industries on push-button sensors

Enabling the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is slowly but surely getting closer every day. allóra Factory has created a range of sensors for tracking a wide variety of parameters, from the temperature in supermarket freezers all the way to attendance levels in offices. They recently teamed up with Quad Industries to develop a push-button sensor.



Quad Industries joins European NexGen consortium

At the forefront of digital health

Quad Industries has joined the European NexGen research project, which is investigating the use of wearable sensors to actively monitor bodily functions. “We are currently working on a multi-sensor patch, aimed at preventing dehydration. We are very excited to be part of this project, which puts us at the forefront of digital healthcare,” says Wim Christiaens, R&D director at Quad Industries.



Meet Quad at WoTS 2016 in Utrecht

From 4th to 7th of October 2016, Quad Industries will be present at the World of Technology & Science Fair in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


Want to meet up with us? Use your Quad registration code WOTS1245 and get free entrance to the fair.


Company News

Quad on Belgian television

Watch our colleague Wim Christiaens explain to Kobe Ilsen how printed electronics can help improve food preservation (video only available in Dutch).


Quad invests…

… in more capacity

Quad Industries is extending its production capacity in Slovakia with a brand new, fully automated printing line. The new line will allow us to improve efficiency and respond faster to growing customer demand.

… and people!

We are also hiring an electronics engineer and a fulltime planner.


Quad closes for Holidays from 18/07/2016 until 05/08/2016.


“Co-development is key to unleashing the vast potential of printed electronics”

Bridging the gap

Printed electronics represents an enormous potential in a world of interconnected appliances. But there is still a large gap between the technology that is available and the potential for real-life applications. “That’s why we are focusing so strongly on intensive collaboration with our customers,” says Wim Christiaens, R&D director at Quad Industries.



Pressure-sensitive insole tracks every movement of your foot

Running faster, safer and smarter

Pretty soon, runners will be able to analyze their running technique in a way they have never been able to do before. Dutch start-up ATO-gear has teamed up with Quad Industries to develop a printed pressure-sensitive insole that tracks every movement of the runner’s foot.



Collaboration with SipWell a great success!


At the request of SipWell, Quad Industries developed an illuminated, capacitive switch for their latest generation of water coolers. SipWell wanted an attractive, colourful design to create an eye-catcher, which everyone happily gives a place in their kitchen.


The unit also had to have an easy, functional key for the sparkling water feature. One that not only looks good, but which also latches onto the touchscreen hype. It looks amazing.


Quad provided both the transparent key and corresponding print with touch controller and backlight module.


Quad Industries now offers optical bonding services

Optical bonding is used in a wide range of electronic equipment. This technology is used in touch panels and display devices to bind together the cover lens, touch sensor, display or other optical materials. Optical bonding enhances the clarity, durability and performance of a display product. Read more...

optical bonding


Quad Industries is new licensee for manufacturing Enfucell SoftBattery

Quad Industries announces a new license partnership with Enfucell. Enfucell is building a partner network for offering suitable manufacturing capability of the SoftBattery for various volumes and customer requirements. Quad Industries is building a printed electronics technology platform and is now capable to print a full range of custom designed and integrated batteries at their production plants in Belgium and Slovakia. This partnership makes Quad Industries the first European manufacturing company to integrate this kind of batteries in applications developed for their customers. Read more...


Quad Industries supports development and launch of smart letterbox in Belgium





Concerns about delivery and complex returns are key reasons for consumers to avoid online purchases. Parcelhome.com has developed an all-new way for Belgian parcel delivery services to solve both problems. With its smart letterbox, this start-up has developed a package delivery system at home that both couriers and consumers can open using a smartphone app.


Luc van Bosstraeten from parcelhome.com’s explains. “It is as simple to use as your letterbox, but it contains breakthrough technology. You can use the system to allow package carriers and even local shops – like your baker – to deliver their products at home. The only thing the baker needs is the Parcelhome app. The system is totally secure and works with dynamic codes comparable to the codes used in online banking. The built-in scale issues a receipt, and the system can receive multiple packages from different carriers. As soon as a package is placed in the ParcelHome unit, the addressee is notified.”


Quad Industries is very proud and excited to be involved in such a breakthrough product development. Quad Industries designed and produced the membrane switch panel that is mounted on the letter box. The box is fed by a battery and charged by a solar panel. The assembly of the panel on the box with the integration of the solar panels and electronics were conducted by Quad Industries.


Quad Industries manufactures disposable temperature logging label

NXP and Enfucell have jointly developed a disposable temperature logging foil demonstrator. This solution supports logging functionality similar to that of a reusable logger, however the format and product unit cost now enable logging at the item level. Each individual foil contains NXP’s NHS3100 integrated chip, Enfucell’s printed battery and an NFC antenna. Read more...

logger hand


Membrane switch control panel for Percedos system

Quad Industries developed the membrane switch control panel for the Percedos system of Heinrich Kopp GmbH. The control panel is pcb based. It contains 2 membrane switches providing a clear tactile feedback for the user and also the control panel is assembled with several leds for backlighting and status indication. Percedos® is an In-Cable-Control-Box (ICCB) integrated into the charger cable, which controls the entire charging process between the connector and the vehicle. It thus allows electric vehicles to be "filled-up" unattended. The Percedos® Mk5 version features a display upon which important data such as the actual charge current are shown and is intuitive in use. Furthermore, as Percedos® only permits charging on safe power supplies, it also helps to prevent electrical accidents. Percedos® is already in use within numerous eMobility test fleets, where it has proved highly successful.

Products and solutions offered by Quad Industries:

•             Membrane switches

•             PCB assembly


QUAD Industries launches Piezo technology (SEP)


In cooperation with AITO, Quad Industries is including the Software Enhanced Piezo technology in its product range. This is seen as an important future-oriented development for good-looking user interfaces. The new piezo technology is software driven, which results in a high degree of stability and it being very energy efficient. The combination with Haptic feedback technology, visual and auditory, provides applications with a sensational user experience.


Check Piezoelectric Touch Panels for more information.


Student case CAARS supported by QUAD

Quad Industries congratulates students Sofie Havegeer en Stephanie Van Haecke with their well successful realization of CAARS, a light emitting device, developed to assist during an indoor night walk. It lights up as soon as an approaching hand is detected. The emitted light is limited, so you don’t wake up other people. Caars can also communicate with other Caars devices, when they come closer, the twin lights will start to light up too.


Quad Industries was happy to assist with the printed proximity sensor and the accompanying controller board.

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