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Overlays & foils

Printed overlays, also known as front films or decorative foils, are mainly used to

front foil

  • give your equipment a smart, professional look
  • identify your product
  • instruct users on the product features

These graphic overlays are often found on the control panels of industrial machinery and are frequently combined with mechanical switches.

Printing is always performed on the back side so that the image is protected against all kind of chemicals, grease, dust and scratches. This also guarantees the best colour reproduction and allows screen-printing or full colour printing of corporate logos and all sorts of designs. Colour stability can be maximised by using UV resistant foils.


These graphic overlays can have a scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, or shiny top layer to guarantee optimum durability and they usually have a back adhesive that allows easy application to its support.


To achieve highest performance of our products, we use quality polyester and polycarbonate materials and reliable acrylic adhesives from certified suppliers such as Autotype and 3M.


Some excellent properties of Quad Industries graphic overlays are:


  • Material selection: polyester, polycarbonate, plexi, pmma
  • Special effects including gloss, matt and embossed finishes
  • Multiple textures and patterns, 3D lettering and graphics, Braille print
  • Cost effective from short runs to large quantities because of multiple production techniques such as screen-printing or digital printing and laser cutting or die cutting.


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