Membrane switches

Ever since their first introduction in the 1970s, membrane switches have formed the basis for solid and reliable user interfaces for any type of environment. Known for their robustness and resistance to heavy weather conditions and pollution, they are highly recommended for outdoor applications, industrial environments and heavy-duty work. But they can still be a perfect fit for home appliances or communication devices as well, as they are easily adaptable to new technologies.

Typical applications

  • Industry
  • Outdoor
  • Wellness
  • Medical
  • Home appliances
  • Transport and communication
  • Remote controls

A fully customized solution


  • Both tactile and non-tactile switches in a range of forces
  • Dust & watertight (up to IP67)
  • Resistant to scratches and chemicals
  • Integration of LED or EL (electroluminescence) backlighting


  • Brushed steel look
  • Soft touch
  • Silicone keypad
  • Film embossing

Keypad circuits

  • PET > screen-printed Ag tracks (printed electronics)
  • FlexPCB = Polyamide > Cu tracks (flex or flex-rigid)
  • PCB = FR4 > Cu tracks

Integrated technologies

  • Electromagnetic (EMC) or electrostatic discharge (ESD) shielding
  • Touchscreens
  • Back panels and enclosures in metal or plastic

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