Efficient and Fatigue-free Bronchial Drainage

Founded in 2012 by Adrien Mithalal, PhysioAssist designs and manufactures medical devices and their accessories for bronchial drainage, the technology is called “SIMEOX”. PhysioAssist is a SME composed of experienced people coming from large-scale companies and youngsters.

The SIMEOX technology offers to healthcare professionals and their patients suffering from obstructive respiratory pathologies a solution to perform an effective bronchial decongestion session.
SIMEOX delivers during exhalation a specific pneumatic vibratory signal, developed following several years of research, capable of liquefying mucus in less than 2 seconds. By changing the physical properties of mucus, SIMEOX helps mobilize secretions and transport for disposal.

Due to quality issues with the previous supplier and an updated design, PhysioAssist contacted Quad Industries. Quad’s contribution in this project was primarily making the choice in high quality materials and components and to create the best procedure to have a high-end qualitative membrane keypad for their medical device.

Because there is a large amount of components incorporated in the keypad, and the presence of transparent ink and fine line printing, Quad realized this was a challenging keypad and the positioning of the conductive tracks were of the utmost importance!

As Quad Industries is able to deliver a product on time and with zero issues, the partnership between PhysioAssist and Quad Industries is promising for the future.

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