Successful projects in the past and strong complementarity made Quad Industries already a strategic ally in Henkel’s ecosystem, but now both partners have developed a new concept to enable innovations for smart health patches with accelerated speed to market at lower cost.

The partners are offering a demo package of twelve electrodes that customers can order online. The demo package is designed to allow engineers to quickly and efficiently test the functionalities of their concepts, significantly reducing the development time by up to three months and lowering the overall design costs. This surely ticks many boxes for an industry that is expanding and needs to be able to shift gears quickly.

The electrodes in the demo set contain five different Henkel materials, including a number of new products. The demo patches contain a dry electrode adhesive that ensures the crucial electrical contact with the skin. This innovative adhesive provides a significant added value in the fact that the health patch can be worn for multiple days, which is often a challenge in traditional patches using hydrogels. In addition, the demo electrodes will also contain a novel conductive silver ink that facilitates the stretchability of the electrode. This is particularly important to make sure the electrical signal remains consistent at high quality while at the same time providing a high comfort level for the patient.


The mix of materials is based on the latest innovations to enable the design and development of thin, flexible and light-weight solutions for new smart patches or to provide an upgrade to existing technologies.

The electrodes in the Loctite Demonstrator Kit have been produced by Quad Industries and the kit is now available from the Henkel sample shop. The initial focus of the demo package is ECG, EEG and EMG monitoring, but it is the ambition to further expand the functionalities in the near future with different metrics and to evolve towards a multifunctional design. Stay tuned!


We are pleased to contribute to solutions that improve healthcare and the quality of life for patients and families alike. We envision a bright future for printed electronics in the healthcare industry. If you want to incorporate printed electronics into the medical technology that you’re designing, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to collaborate and explore potential solutions.