Piezoelectric Touch Panels

In cooperation with AITO, Quad Industries is including the Software Enhanced Piezo technology in its product range. This is seen as an important future-oriented development for good-looking user interfaces. The new piezo technology is software driven, which results in a high degree of stability and it being very energy efficient. The combination with Haptic feedback technology, visual and auditory, provides applications with a sensational user experience.

The initial application of the piezo-electric buttons had inconsistent operation due to differences in the pressure applied, the composition of the piezoelectric materials and temperature fluctuations. The applications of the Aito Chip mean that these variables are compensated and the piezo touch panels are stable and reliable. The software-controlled piezo technology offers the opportunity to create touch sensitive control panels with a variety of materials, such as metal, glass, plastic, textiles, etc. In contrast to capacitive touch, both electrically conducting and insulating materials can be used as a cover overlay. This provides our customers with a lot of freedom in the area of design.

The Aito chip has the unique capacity to detect both touching and releasing.

This allows each key to have two distinct functions, because ‘touching and holding’ results in a different action. In addition, the piezo touch can be combined with haptic feedback in one and the same piezo element. This results in a pleasant vibration of the surface touched, and thus promotes the user experience. This vibration can also be programmed variably, which enables a familiar mechanical switch to be simulated, among other things.

The SEP piezo technology is a very robust touch technology that enables us to create interfaces with which your products not only look fantastic, but also feel good and operate flawlessly. It provides advantages compared to capacitive touch technology, because it can also be used in a highly demanding, challenging environment. The touch panels are fully waterproof, are vandal resistant, and can be used perfectly by an operator wearing gloves or with dirty hands.

The SEP piezo technology is mainly applicable in consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive and kitchen equipment.