PTC film heaters stand at the forefront of heating application technology. These devices, built on the self-regulating properties of PTC ink, represent a significant leap forward from traditional heating elements. Unlike conventional heaters that rely on wires and coils, PTC film heaters ensure rapid and stable heating to a predetermined temperature without the risk of overheating, making them safer, more reliable, and more efficient, while reducing the complexity of the driver electronics. Not surprisingly, clients often call on our services to develop such solutions for clothing, seat surfaces, medical applications and several other purposes.

This is how it’s usually done

When we need to develop a new PTC heater for a customer, the customer’s requirement is often to have a solution that creates a certain heat output over a certain surface area. It is then up to the developer to figure out how to solve this. The subsequent process often implies several iterations where different possibilities are developed and tested off. This takes time and affects the duration of the final product development.

This is how we do it now at Quad Industries

As we proud ourselves at Quad Industries to look at innovation as the foundation of everything we do, we’ve developed a solution to speed up this process. Our strong knowledge of the process made it possible to create a PTC heater design simulation tool, that immediately produces the theoretical optimal heater design for the required boundaries and power. This tool offers unprecedented accuracy and efficiency in custom heater designs.

Leveraging advanced algorithms and deep technical expertise, our simulation tool accurately reproduces custom designs based on minimal initial specifications. It enables our engineers to quickly validate the feasibility of applications, streamlining the design process and enhancing the predictability of project outcomes.

The advantages for our customers

What sets our software simulation tool apart is its ability to reduce the iterative nature of traditional design processes. Simulating optimal designs significantly decreases the need for multiple iterations of physical prototypes. We often have a first time right solution or at least a prototype that is much closer to the final solution. It simply makes the design process much more efficient: it not only speeds up the development process but also dramatically lowers costs.

Moreover, the simulation tool embodies our in-depth understanding of PTC film heater technology. It allows for nuanced adjustments and optimization of design parameters, ensuring that each custom heater is optimized for performance, efficiency, and longevity. This meticulous approach to design translates into heaters that provide uniform heat distribution, eliminate hot spots, and optimal energy management.

This is just who we are

The development of our heater design software is more than just a technical achievement; it’s a reflection of Quad Industries’ visionary approach to problem-solving and our unwavering dedication to innovation. By harnessing the full potential of PTC film heater technology, we are not only enhancing the capabilities of our products but also setting new benchmarks for quality, reliability, and sustainability in the industry.

Quad Industries stands as a beacon of innovation in printed electronics, driving progress with every breakthrough. You wish to unlock the full potential of PTC film heater technology for a smarter, safer, and more sustainable world and want it done the most efficient way?

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