Optical bonding is used in a wide range of electronic equipment. This technology is used in touch panels and display devices to bind together the cover lens, touch sensor, display or other optical materials. Optical bonding enhances the clarity, durability and performance of a display product.

Since many display products operate outdoors and in extreme climates, their readability and durability are vitally important. Other features that come into play with touch panel applications are the ability to keep the surface clean, eliminate scratches and keep out moisture, as well as to withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.

A few advantages of optical bonding are:

  1. increased sunlight readability
  2. increased impact resistance
  3. increased durability to shock & vibration
  4. increased scratch resistance
  5. enables resistance to extreme temperatures
  6. enables thinner and lighter display designs
  7. prevents condensation and fogging
  8. resists stains, dirt, dust, scratches and moisture