Smart Automotive Soft Skin

Our R&D department has recently been awarded the SASS or “Smart Automotive Soft Skin”-project. The imec.icon project SASS is a research project that starts in October, will run for 2 years and will bring imec, Recticel, Connect Group, Lichtlabo and Quad Industries together to develop a technology platform for automotive interior parts. Project SASS is co-financed by imec and receives financial support from Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (project nr. HBC.2020.2377).

Automotive interior design is making a huge change due to the electrification of cars. The actual trend is to get more and more screens in the car. The next trend coming up is to make actual surfaces SMART, the so called SHY-TECH technology.

Quad’s contribution in this project is to select materials that are highly flexible and compatible with PUR flexible artificial leather, and integrate electronic functionalities by printing.