Let there be light

Lucia is the name of a brand new range of high-end light switches that CJC Systems will be releasing later this year. Its unique, touch-based design was developed in close collaboration with Quad Industries and design agency pilipili.

CJC Systems was one of the first companies to develop high-end, design light switches over 25 years ago. “Our aim then was much the same as today: we wanted to transform an everyday object into something that was not only easy and even enjoyable to use, but that also looked good in your home,” says Pieter Canniere of CJC Systems. Their strategy proved to be successful. The company soon had the attention of design-minded architects everywhere. Today CJC Systems light switches can be found in hotels and homes around the world.

Touch is the word

CJC Systems continues to discover new ways to innovate and integrate new technologies into its light switches. With Lucia, the company introduces its first touch-based lighting solution. “A touch-sensitive design has been on our wish list for quite some time,” recalls Pieter Canniere. “There is a clear consumer demand for an alternative to the traditional click switches.”

“But using touch technology also introduces a new and much more intuitive way of interacting with light,” stresses Pieter Canniere. “A simple tap on the panel switches the lights on or off, while swiping the horizontal line dims the light. Double tapping and long push can be used to further fine-tune the lighting to your precise wishes.” LED lighting is integrated in the horizontal strip, providing orientation and feedback.

The interface can also be used to control other home automation systems. In addition to the single touch pad, a 2 and 4 touch pad version will be available as well. The switches can be used with impulse relays installed in the electrical board, with different brands of home automation systems and with KNX systems.

Unique look and feel

Perhaps even more impressive than the technology behind it, is the design of the new Lucia range. “The introduction of touch technology opened up an enormous amount of freedom for a completely new look and feel,” points out Brecht Bonte of pilipili, designer of the product. “We chose to work with horizontal lines both from an aesthetic and a technical point of view.”

“Our job started out as a styling assignment, but it very soon became clear that we needed to overcome a number of technical challenges as well. The integration of different functions in a single aluminum housing was especially challenging. We collaborated closely with QUAD Industries to come up with solutions. We have worked with them on several projects over the years, and know they have not only the technical expertise, but also understand the design and usability side of things.”

Eye-catcher at Light & Building

The Lucia switches will become the flagship range for CJC systems. “We have high expectations,” says Pieter Canniere. “When we presented Lucia at the Frankfurt Light & Building Messe last year, we were overwhelmed by the positive feedback from visitors. We received a high score for both innovation and originality.” The commercial launch is planned for later this year.

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