Three new R&D colleagues 


We’re happy to introduce 3 new colleagues to our R&D department.

Thaís Milagres de Oliveira will join us in the role of R&D Technology Engineer. Thaís will be involved in customer-specific developments; she will be the technical lead throughout the different stages between initial feasibility analysis and volume manufacturing, including first feasibility testing, functional prototype design, prototype manufacturing, evaluation and testing.

Our new Test Engineer is Dries Van der Haegen. Dries will be working closely with R&D, Process & Product Engineering and the Quality department. Dries will take charge to set up various test simulations of the different stages of production and of the end product. Afterwards, he will evaluate, interpret and communicate the end results of these tests.

And last but not least, we have Cas De Coninck as Quad’s Product Engineer. Cas will be responsible for the coordination of tailor made user interfaces and printed electronics applications. He’ll be an important link in processing and communicating internal and external information.

We’re excited about having them on board and their background will be extremely helpful for the team to reach our plans and goals for the coming year. We look forward on working together!