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For more than 10 years, the focus of the Belgian company, One Two Concept, has been placed on solutions that simplify time and work registration. Initially, One Two Concept worked with their own software, which was subsequently integrated into existing handheld devices. However, to have more control and insight of the software and the device, the choice was made to design their own IoT device, the “Action Tracker”. The Action Tracker allows you to send data immediately to an online platform, so that this data is always available.
Due to the simplicity and ease of use of the Action Tracker, it can be used in various industrial sectors, from wood to metal and from horticultural to construction.

The Action Tracker’s keyboard was designed by Quad Industries. The choice for Quad Industries was made quickly, regarding a keyboard that had to meet various requirements, One Two was forced to work with an experienced partner. This soon became clear, as the simple design had to be cut with the utmost precision, different sizes of switches were used and the device had to be waterproof.

One Two could always count on the know-how of Quad Industries, in the entire process Quad has always contributed to the design and functionality. The decisive factor was Quad’s flexibility in the design and production of the keyboard.