Quad Industries developed the membrane switch control panel for the Percedos system of Heinrich Kopp GmbH. The control panel is pcb based. It contains 2 membrane switches providing a clear tactile feedback for the user and also the control panel is assembled with several leds for backlighting and status indication. Percedos® is an In-Cable-Control-Box (ICCB) integrated into the charger cable, which controls the entire charging process between the connector and the vehicle. It thus allows electric vehicles to be “filled-up” unattended.

The Percedos® Mk5 version features a display upon which important data such as the actual charge current are shown and is intuitive in use. Furthermore, as Percedos® only permits charging on safe power supplies, it also helps to prevent electrical accidents. Percedos® is already in use within numerous eMobility test fleets, where it has proved highly successful.

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