A modern therapeutic device for tap water iontophoresis

Founded in the 1960s, Saalmann is one of the vanguards and pioneers of UV-phototherapy. They focus on electro-stimulation therapy and UV-phototherapy for dermatologic diseases, as well as Iontophoresis for the treatment of excessive transpiration. Saalmann’s goal is to develop, produce and market innovative and user-friendly products for the benefit and safety of patients.

Saalmann partnered up with Quad Industries to design and produce the membrane keypad for Saalio, their therapeutic device concept.

Working with electricity? Safety first
Saalio is a modern therapeutic device for tap water iontophoresis in professional settings such as hospitals and medical practices. It is also used for home therapy. Saalio works with metallic conductors and electric charge, which comes with the danger of possible skin burns.This is ruled out by using silicone/graphite electrodes and insulated socket and connector systems to protect the user.

Intuitive membrane keypad design
The installation of the Saalio device is relatively simple for patients and health workers. The settings on the device are self-explanatory and the operation before and during the application intuitive. The design of the membrane keypad is very straightforward and at the same time intuitive and attractive. The membrane switches have an embossed edge for optimised user experience. Besides that, the display window has been treated with a specific coating to guarantee an always clear image of the display.

Membrane switch for your medical equipment?

Are you looking for a partner for your medical equipment? Quad Industries conçoit, développe et produit des commutateurs à membrane, des solutions tactiles capacitives et de l’électronique imprimée destinés aux dispositifs médicaux. Read more about our medical solutions, or contact our experts directly. We can help you in every phase of the production process for medical devices.