Advancing muscle activity monitoring with textile HD-EMG grids


From rigid to flexible: Quad Industries assists TMSi in advancing muscle activity monitoring with textile HD-EMG grids

Our client TMSi, a company specializing in EEG and HD-EMG research, wanted to advance muscle activity monitoring by creating a new textile HD-EMG grid that would address the limitations of using rigid traditional grids. These innovative textile grids are made with a flexible material that forms perfectly to the skin, minimizing the chance of movement artifacts during muscle contractions and dynamic movements even when measuring difficult muscle locations. Additionally, the pre-applied double-sided adhesive makes preparation quicker and easier.

The client turned to Quad facing challenges getting all necessary circuitry printed on a small flexible material from other developers. Through our extensive research and optimization of various components such as substrate, mesh, screen, and paste, we managed to screen print conductive tracks as narrow as a few 100 micrometers with minimal spacing. This was a difficult task, but our yearlong expertise in screen printing electronics and our skilled operators made it happen.

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