The building stones for smart products

Printed Electronics

Printed electronics are crucial in the development of the Internet of Things, in which objects become increasingly smart, gathering and sharing information with other objects and the cloud. Our homes, cars and even clothes are being fitted with a wide range of sensors, smart labels, loggers and tags, all of which can be manufactured at low-cost by using printed electronics.

“Our advanced screen-printing techniques enable us to integrate electronics in any type of material, creating affordable smart objects.”

Flexible printed electronics: a world of possibilities

Quad Industries uses its expertise in high-precision, fully automated screen printing-techniques to integrate functionality directly on various lightweight and flexible materials such as plastics, textiles, TPU and even paper. This allows the integration of a wide range of electronics – sensors, connectivity, heating – in any object, whatever its shape, size or material. Printed electronics not only enhance flexibility, they are also less harmful to the environment and more cost-effective to manufacture.

Printable electronics: from idea to execution

Although printed electronics represent an almost limitless area of possibilities, there is still a large gap between the many ideas that are being generated and the practical execution. That’s where Quad Industries comes in. We can help you integrate electronics into any kind of object, from sport shoes to security badges and smart plastics. Whether you’re a start-up or a multinational, we help you get the results you’re after. Do you want to know more about our printed electronics solutions for your products? Get in touch by filling out our contact form.

Printed electronics – Applications

Below we have summed up the most common applications of printable electronics.

Automotive & Mobility

Smart interior surfaces, touch and gesture controls, haptic feedback, presence detection, printed heaters, In-Mold Electronics (IME).

Personal Health

Sports and healthcare wearables, biomedical sensing, stretchable sensors.

Internet of Things

Smart objects, printed sensors for monitoring of moisture, temperature, pressure and weight.

Smart Building

Home appliance touch controls, large area sensor integration in flooring and walls.

Printing & Packaging

Smart labels, cold chain monitoring, active and intelligent packaging.

Printed electronics – Technologies

We use two types of technology for our printable electronics: printed sensors and flexible heating. Below you can find more information about these two techniques.

Printed Sensors

Printed sensors are the primary building stones for the development of the Internet of Things and creating smart products and objects.

Flexible Heating

Flexible PTC heating technology is creating many new opportunities to integrate heating in a wide range of new applications

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Company Update

Company Update

QUAD Industries wants to inform you with the most recent update in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let us first state that our top priority is the health of our partners, stakeholders and employees. As of March 18th, 2020, we can confirm that our manufacturing...

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