Film heater

For the integration of heating in applications

PTC film heater technology is creating many new opportunities to integrate film heating in a wide range of new applications, including mirrors and dashboards. Quad Industries has developed its own brand of PTC film heaters which provide a compact and cost-efficient alternative to wire-based solutions. We guide you every step of the way to integrate our flexible PTC film heaters in any type of object you may wish.

“This new generation of film heaters offer a compact and lightweight alternative.”

PTC technology film heaters – a new generation

Electric heating technologies have been in use for many years and are built into a wide variety of objects – everything from bathroom mirrors to car seats. Now a new generation of film heaters, based on flexible electronics and conductive inks, offers a compact and lightweight alternative to the bulky and often costly wire-based technology. This evolution is creating many possibilities to integrate heating technology in an increasing range of products, including seats and beds, dashboards and door panels, or even displays and solar panels.

A flexible PTC film heater solution

Quad Industries has developed its own range of flexible PTC heaters, using our expertise in printed electronics. The Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) functionality enables self-regulation to a specific temperature, offering uniform and flexible heating while increasing safety. Quad Industries helps you explore the different possibilities of new flexible heating technologies and guides you from the initial idea to the finished product. Do you want to know how film heaters can work for your specific products? Get in touch with Quad Industries, by filling out our contact form.

PTC technology heaters – designed for manufacturing

Quad Industries runs its own state-of-the art production plant for manufacturing film heaters and a wide range of other printed electronics. This means we can not only assist you in the development of your flexible heaters, but we can also take care of manufacturing – whether you are looking for small runs for prototyping purposes or large-scale production. A close link between our R&D people and the manufacturing side makes sure we fully realize the impact our choices in the development stage will have later on.

Typical applications film heaters

  • Bed and seat heaters
  • Floor and wall heating
  • Battery heater
  • Mirror heaters and defoggers
  • Medical equipment
  • Defogging and de-icing

Download our film heater datasheet to get more insight of this application

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