Quad Industries develops touch screen for Animo coffee machines

When Animo decided to re-design its ComBi-line range of coffee machines, the company was aiming for a modern look and feel along with a high-quality finish. The touch screen display played an important role in realizing this ambition while ensuring maximum user-friendliness.

Animo is a Dutch company that designs and manufactures premium quality coffee machines for professional use. End users typically include offices, schools, hospitals and sports clubs. The machines are also used by catering companies to supply coffee at meetings and conferences, as well as in canteens. Animo was established in 1950 in Amersfoort, the Netherlands and its coffee machines are sold in more than 75 countries worldwide.

A modern look and feel

In 2016, Animo decided to re-design its ComBi-line range of bulk brewers for freshly ground coffee. The machine consists of one brewing unit, which can be combined with one or two beverage containers of 5, 10 or 20 liters.

“These large machines for making filter coffee have been our core product ever since our company was first established,” explains Marcel Smalbil, Marketing Coordinator for Animo. “With the re-design, we were aiming for a modern look and feel. We wanted to create a machine that is not only robust, fast and durable—characteristics our machines are known for—but also has an appealing design and a high-quality finish.”

“We wanted it to be a machine that is no longer tucked away in the kitchen, but can be proudly put on display in offices and meeting rooms and at breakfast buffets.”

Keep it simple

A great deal of attention went into the machine’s display. “We had already decided we wanted a touch screen since it fits perfectly with the modern look we were aiming for. But ease of use was probably the decisive factor. We wanted a machine that anyone can use without any training,” says Marcel Smalbil.

The touch technology provides a very intuitive user interface with self-evident instructions. Users can simply set the desired quantity of coffee and follow the brewing process on-screen. A signal and a display notification indicates when the coffee is ready. The display can also be used for maintenance purposes, with simple instructions for descaling the machine.

The large touch screen provides Animo—and its customers—with another important benefit. “Distributors and coffee roasters can now display their logo on the screen by simply uploading their logo to the machine by USB. It is a nice touch that our customers greatly appreciate. It is also a much more elegant solution than the stickers that were applied on our machines in the past.”

Making the right decisions

Animo worked closely with Quad Industries in the development of the touch screen. “We had a clear vision of what we wanted, but we needed a partner with the necessary expertise to help us with the realization, both on a technical level as well as with the usability side of things. Initial designs may look good on paper, but it is only when you see them in real-life that you can really judge them. Quad Industries helped us solve a number of issues by creating different lay-outs that enabled us to make the right decisions.”

The re-designed ComBi-line was launched in April 2017 and was very well received. “Customers definitely appreciate the look of our new machine and are enthusiastic about its ease-of-use. And that is exactly what we were striving for.”

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