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21 JUN 2024 | NEWS, EVENTS


How Quad Industries helped MOOS transform inventory management with cutting-edge pressure sensor technology

MOOS is a pioneering Dutch start-up that specializes in offering digital inventory solutions. Their aim is to streamline stock management and ordering processes, while also optimizing inventory efficiency by not relying on manual labor.
At the heart of this effortless inventory management system lies an innovative cloud connected pressure sensor, which can be easily installed on shelves, racks, drawers, and other flat storage surfaces in shops. This technology enables automatic and accurate monitoring of product stock levels in real-time, ensuring up-to-date inventory data is always readily available.

MOOS initiated the development journey for this novel pressure sensor by partnering up with one of our competitors. The collaboration encountered difficulties due to the other party’s requirement for a substantial purchase commitments, which was impractical for their start-up’s size. As a result, MOOS turned to us to get the project back on track. With our expertise and experience, we were able to enhance the sensor design and optimize it for cost-effective production. Unfortunately, in this case the client had to invest twice in product development before reaching an efficient and scalable solution.
Satisfied with how we rectified the situation, MOOS already embarked on another development project with us.

So, if you wish to minimize costs, delay, and frustrations in your product development process, come talk to us first as our team is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

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