Membrane switches and capacitive touch solutions for industrial equipment

We design and produce versatile and robust membrane switches and capacitive touch sensors that are specifically designed for industrial equipment and its environment. We can deliver tailor-made control solutions for industrial washing machines, industrial ovens, industrial scales, forklifts, factory automation equipment and so on.

Membrane switches for industrial equipment

Every application is different and requires a specific solution. When we design membrane switches for industrial applications, we start with an extensive analysis of the specific functional and technical requirements.

  • Robustness: industrial environments are tough. Control panels, membrane panels and switches must be built to ensure a reliable operation throughout the machine’s lifetime despite of harsh conditions.
  • Dust- and water resistance: our membrane switches are able to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, grease and contaminants. They offer a water resistance up to IP67.
  • Cleanability: dirty and dusty environments call for membrane panels that are easy to clean. The front foil of our membrane switches provides a closed and water-resistant surface, suitable for various cleaning agents.
  • Front foil characteristics: depending on your functional and environmental requirements, you can choose the characteristics of the front foil: UV-resistant, anti-glare, glossy and brushed steel look. You can also determine the desired colour, design, thickness and texture of the front foil.
  • Button feedback: tactile membrane switches, equipped with metal domes or plastic polydomes, deliver an immediate physical feedback when pushed. Such a snap action is a very effective way of user feedback in noisy industrial environments.
  • (Back)lighting options: integrating LED indicator lighting and backlighting to your membrane switch enhances the function and usability of your membrane switch. It improves visibility in dark environments and provides visual button feedback.
  • Integrated technologies: we can integrate several technologies in your membrane panel, including wireless connection via printed NFC, BLE or Wi-Fi antennas and capacitive touch sensing.

Are you looking for robust, flexible and tailor-made membrane switches for your industrial equipment?

Capacitive touch sensors for industrial equipment

Capacitive sensor technology brings in a new range of control solutions for industrial equipment. Capacitive touch sensors translate a finger touch or -swipe into a certain action. They combine an intuitive and pleasant user experience with a nearly limitless number of possibilities for backlighting, design and branding.

Capacitive touch sensors can be developed to match any industrial application. When designing a capacitive touch screen, we take into account your specific requirements.

  • Glass or plastic: we can produce capacitive touch sensors with a cover lens in chemically or thermally tempered glass or surface treated PMMA / PC. In industrial environments, where the risk of glass breakage is relatively high, we recommend to go for acrylic glass. For extra protection, for example in dusty and sandy environments, we can apply a scratch-resistant coating.
  • Anti-glare / anti-reflection: when operating a touch screen, you sometimes have to deal with screen reflection, making it hard to read and control it. By applying an anti-glare or anti-reflection coating you can operate the screen in merely all surroundings and from various viewing angles.
  • Backlighting: by applying backlighting to your touch panel, you can add a clear visual feedback when controlling your capacitive touch sensors. We produce capacitive touch sensors with translucent, conductive inks that transmit the light from the underlying LEDs. It enables us to produce esthetical touch panels with clear and effective visual feedback.
  • Water resistance: operating a traditional touch panel in humid or wet environments is difficult. The presence of water droplets on the screen can disrupt the operation. We have developed a sensor technology that solves this issue, making it possible to control your capacitive touch sensors, even in the most humid environments.

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