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Capacitive touch and in-mold electronics for household appliances

We design and produce versatile and robust capacitive touch sensors  and in-mold electronics (IME) that are specifically designed for home appliances. We deliver tailor-made control solutions for dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, ovens, microwave ovens, refridgerators and so on.

Touch sensors for household appliances

Capacitive touch technology has rapidly become the new standard in home appliance user interaction. Not surprisingly, because they offer increased robustness and reliability compared to traditional buttons. They are also more adapted to dusty and moisty environments and provide a greater design freedom.

Our touch sensors can hold a combination of graphic and functional printing. We print touch-sensitive buttons, sliders and wheels to match any household appliance.

When designing a touch interface, we take into account your specific requirements.

  • Capacitive touch sensors of the next generations: for the development of our capacitive touch sensors we use state-of-art conductive inks that offer the highest sensitivity. Our conductive inks are well suited for fine line printing , requiring smaller amounts and thus resulting in cheaper solutions.
  • Backlighting: by applying backlighting to your touch panel, you can add a clear visual feedback when controlling your capacitive touch sensors.
    We print touch sensors with translucent, conductive inks that transmit the light from the underlying LEDs. It enables you to design aesthetically attractive touch panels with clear and effective visual feedback and uniform / crisp backlighting. It is the perfect cost-effective alternative to expensive touch displays.
  • Black panel effects: by using both transparent- and non-transparent conductive inks, you can create a visually stunning ‘black panel effect’. It allows you to create sleek touch controls with symbols and icons that remain hidden until the corresponding touch sensor is activated.
    We produce capacitive touch sensors with high-efficient light diffusing technology that enables a maximal, even light spread with a minimal led power.
  • Design freedom: our capacitive touch sensors are compatible with many different cover materials, but most used are glass and plastic. As a manufacturer of household appliances, you are free to create any design. Our flexible design approach allows us to deliver the touch sensor solution that you need.

Are you looking for a flexible partner for the integration of touch sensors in your home appliances?

In-mold electronics touch sensor technology

There is a growing tendency in the home appliance industry towards 3D structural electronics and user interfaces. More and more manufacturers move away from the rudimentary practice of flat buttons and touch controls.

In-mold electronics (IME) integrates printed conductive circuitry in thermoforming and injection molding processes, embedding the circuitry within the 3D polymer component.

  • Simplifying product assembly: IME technology allows developers to replace mechanical buttons and switches, that require complex multi-part assembly processes, with one-piece solutions without conceding on functionality. Because there is no need for secondary assembly operations, manufacturers will benefit from increased production throughput, resulting in a shorter time to market.
  • Complete design freedom: because the printed electronics are embedded directly into the polymer, there are no boundaries to the shape and size of the design. It also enables devices to become smaller, thinner, lighter and more elegant in design.
  • Increased robustness: the one-piece design technology of IME reduces the risk of impact damage such as loose components or broken connections. Devices with IME are also less sensitive to outside conditions such as extreme temperatures or humidity, minimizing the risk of wear and tear.

Are you looking for robust, flexible and tailor-made IME solutions?

Why Quad Industries?

At Quad Industries we design, develop and produce capacitive touch solutions for in-mold electronics for home appliances. From product developers for product developers!

  • Our expertise and technical knowledge are your guarantee for state-of-the-art solutions that meet all your needs.
  • We can produce both low and high volumes.
  • In our modern and clean production facilities, we are able to integrate the most innovative technologies in your product.
  • We have more than 20 years of experience in designing control solutions and printed electronics for household appliances.

Contact our experts to see how we can help you in every phase of your production process: from R&D, engineering and prototyping to co-creation and manufacturing.