Silicone rubber keypads

Quality, durability and unmatched flexibility

At Quad Industries, silicone rubber keypads are crafted with a dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. The silicone rubber material is a highly durable, robust material that can support the long-term life of your product. It provides unmatched flexibility in terms of design options and customization possibilities—including 3D shapes, surface treatments or backlighting.

“Solid and reliable user interfaces for any type of environment.”

What are silicone rubber keypads

Silicone rubber keypads are used as control panels in all types of equipment and machinery. They provide excellent safety in operation, with distinct 3D shapes to ensure high tactile responsiveness.

Benefits of silicone rubber keypads

Although membrane switches have been around for many years, they have proven to be very versatile and easily adaptable to new technology. As a membrane switch and keypad manufacturer, Quad Industries offers a wide range of modern features. This includes wireless connection via printed NFC, BLE or WiFi antennas, seamless integration of capacitive touch sensing and visual feedback for users through the integration of LEDs and or electroluminescence.

Flexibility in design

Silicone rubber keypads offer designers an almost infinite range of options. With silicone rubber, you can create a custom design that perfectly fits your product’s specifications and needs. Whether it’s surface treatments, 3D shapes, or even backlighting—silicone rubber gives you the freedom to customize your control panel without sacrificing quality or durability.

Safety in operation

The shape of silicone rubber keypads is designed for maximum tactility, helping end-users find the controls they need with ease and precision—even when operating with gloves or without direct eye contact. This ensures safe operation of your product which is essential for any user experience. 

Long life cycle and durability

Silicone rubber keypads provide a long life cycle and can withstand tough environmental exposure. The silicone rubber material is surface treated for added protection against dust, dirt, and other elements.

Integration of LEDs

The silicone rubber material is also ideal for integrated LEDs, providing smooth and uniform 

dispersion of light. This makes silicone rubber keypads perfect for control panels that are operated in the dark. Also, individual keys can be backlighted.

silicone rubber keypad

Brand recognition and communication

 Adding color to silicone rubber keypads reinforces your brand recognition and helps ensure clear and safe communication. Colors help end-users intuitively control and operate your product, providing excellent results when printed on silicone rubber. 

Quad Industries offers a wide range of design options for silicone rubber keypads. Our experienced engineers can help you create a custom silicone rubber keypad that meets your exact specifications and needs, including 3D shapes, surface treatments or backlighting.

silicone rubber keypad

Quad’s approach to design & construction of silicone rubber keypads

    At Quad Industries, our goal is to ensure that your silicone rubber keypad meets or exceeds all expectations in terms of safety, design options, and durability. We start by looking at the overall requirements of your product and end-use conditions before proceeding with construction of the silicone rubber keypad. Our experienced engineers work with you to ensure that the silicone rubber keypad meets all of your requirements and is tailored to fit the specific operations of your product. 

    We use a multi-stage design process to produce silicone rubber keypads that provide superior performance and durability. During the construction process, we pay special attention to the details—ensuring accuracy and consistency in every step. We also provide additional surface treatments such as printing when necessary. 

    At Quad Industries, we are committed to providing silicone rubber keypads that meet or exceed customer expectations. Our silicone products are manufactured using advanced technologies for superior results that stand the test of time. Feel free to contact us today to discuss.

    Typical applications

    • Medical and healthcare equipment 
    • Industrial machinery 
    • Automotive applications 
    • Home appliances
    • Consumer electronics 
    • Mobile phones and other portable electronic devices 
    • Point of sale terminals and payment systems 
    • Instrumentation and control panels.