A great product deserves a great interface

User interfaces

A great product deserves a great user interface. However, there are many important choices you have to make when developing human machine interfaces. Should you go for touch-sensitive technology or membrane switches? How do you ensure a great user experience? What should the interface look and feel like? And how do you keep manufacturing costs under control?

“Our ultimate goal is to create user interfaces that will put
a smile on the face of your future customer.”

Our experience with human machine interfaces

Quad Industries has been developing and manufacturing machine user interfaces for more than 20 years. We know what works and what doesn’t, and why. We use our expertise to help you avoid pitfalls and make the right choices for your particular application: from the selection of the right technology and materials to the way your interface looks and feels. For every project, we help you strike the right balance between design, usability and cost.

We guide you from prototype to manufacturing

Quad Industries has developed a professional approach, guiding you every step of the way in the development of your man machine interfaces, from building the very first prototype through to the final validation during field tests, from development and engineering to high-volume production runs. We help you set a target price for your user interface from the very first stages, avoiding unpleasant surprises along the way. We are open to collaboration with any of your existing partners, and have our own extended network of specialized partners, including software developers and product designers.

Want to know more about our man machine interfaces?

The possibilities of our human machine interfaces are almost endless. From home appliances such as coffee machines to hospital beds for the medical industry. We can help you with R&D, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing. Curious about the solutions for your products? Get in touch by filling out our contact form.

Technologies & Applications

We use two different types of technology for our machine user interfaces: membrane switches and capacitive touch. Below you can find more information about these specific user interfaces.

Membrane switches

Ever since their first introduction in the 1970s, membrane switches have formed the basis for solid and reliable user interfaces for any type of environment.

Capacitive touch

Touch-sensitive user interfaces have seen an enormous emergence in the last decade, no doubt influenced by the popularity of tablets and smartphones that use the same principle.

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