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Running faster, safer and smarter – Pressure-sensitive insole tracks every movement of your foot

Pretty soon, runners will be able to analyze their running technique in a way they have never been able to do before. Dutch start-up ATO-gear has teamed up with Quad Industries to develop a printed pressure-sensitive insole that tracks every movement of the runner’s foot.

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COVID-19 smart health patch

COVID-19 smart health patch

Innovative patch may soon be used to monitor coronavirus patients remotely 24/7 Together with six medical and technological companies, Quad Industries has developed an innovative smart health patch that allows continuous, remote, wireless monitoring of the...

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Smart shirt aids lung patients

Smart shirt aids lung patients

A smart shirt can measure lung function with patients and coach the wearer on behavior. This project result is delivered by Kinetic Analysis B.V. and QUAD Industries who have worked together on this medical innovation for 15 months. This project was supported by...

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