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Running faster, safer and smarter – Pressure-sensitive insole tracks every movement of your foot

Pretty soon, runners will be able to analyze their running technique in a way they have never been able to do before. Dutch start-up ATO-gear has teamed up with Quad Industries to develop a printed pressure-sensitive insole that tracks every movement of the runner’s foot.

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COVID-19 smart health patch

COVID-19 smart health patch

Innovative patch may soon be used to monitor coronavirus patients remotely 24/7 Together with six medical and technological companies, Quad Industries has developed an innovative smart health patch that allows continuous, remote, wireless monitoring of the...

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The story of Saalio®

The story of Saalio®

A modern therapeutic device for tap water iontophoresisFounded in the 1960s, Saalmann is one of the vanguards and pioneers of UV-phototherapy. They focus on electro-stimulation therapy and UV-phototherapy for dermatologic diseases, as well as Iontophoresis for the...

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