Membrane switches, capacitive touch and printed electronics for healthcare

We design and produce versatile and robust membrane switches and capacitive touch sensors that are specifically designed for medical devices and its environment. We can deliver tailor-made HMI solutions for all kinds of medical equipment, such as infusion pumps, syringe pumps, hospital bed controls, handheld medical applications and so on.

Membrane switches for healthcare

With their fully sealed design, membrane switches offer extended reliability and durability, making them the ideal control solution for medical equipment.

Durability & reliability 
The user interface of medical equipment is usually the part of the device that is handled most frequently. Our membrane switches offer extended durability, making them the ideal control solution for medical equipment. The medical world is also a critical environment that requires devices to work flawlessly every time. Rigorous functional testing and life-cycle testing guarantees we deliver membrane switches that are always 100% reliable.

Hygiene and cleanability
Hygiene is priority number one in medical environments. The front foil of our membrane switches provides a fully sealed and water-resistant surface, suitable for various cleaning and disinfecting agents. They offer a water resistance up to IP67.

We also offer an innovative hard coated antimicrobial front film for long-term protection of membrane keyboards against bacterial contamination.

Button feedback
Tactile membrane switches, equipped with metal domes or plastic polydomes, deliver an immediate physical feedback when pushed. Such a snap action is a very effective way of user feedback for medical personnel that is controlling a device, while keeping eye contact with the patient.

Are you looking for robust, flexible and tailor-made membrane switches for your medical equipment?

Capacitive touch sensors for medical devices

Capacitive sensor technology brings in a new range of control solutions for medical devices. Capacitive touch sensors translate a finger touch or -swipe into a certain action. They combine an intuitive and pleasant user experience with a nearly limitless number of possibilities for backlighting, design and branding.

Capacitive touch sensors can be developed to match any medical device. When designing a capacitive touch screen, we take into account your specific requirements.

Anti-glare / anti-reflection
While treating a patient, the main focus of medical staff should always be on the patient, not on the device they are controlling. A touch screen that is equipped with an anti-glare or anti-reflection coating, can be operated in merely all surroundings and from various viewing angles.

By applying backlighting to your touch panel, you can add a clear visual feedback when controlling your capacitive touch sensors. Indispensable in medical environments where accuracy and reliability are crucial.

We produce capacitive touch sensors with translucent, conductive inks that transmit the light from the underlying LEDs. It enables us to produce esthetical touch panels with clear and effective visual feedback.

When treating a patient, medical personnel is usually wearing disposable latex gloves. Even with such medical gloves on, you can perfectly control our glass touch sensors without any difficulties.

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Printed electronics for medical skin patches and diagnostic electrodes

Electronic skin patches are becoming increasingly popular in the medical world. They make it possible to monitor the health condition of a patient, for example for diabetes management, cardiovascular monitoring (ECG), or brain activity analysis (EEG).

Flexible and comfortable skin patches
Medical skin patches must be stretchable to follow the natural skin movement. We produce flexible electronic circuits on thin flexible substrates for skin patches that are comfortable to wear.

Long lasting
Patches are designed based on a large variety of substrates and conductive materials. By selecting the appropriate skin friendly adhesives, our skin patches can easily be worn for several weeks without causing any skin irritation.

Screen printed electrodes and biosensors
Quad Industries assists the healthcare industry in development and production of technologically advanced diagnostic and therapeutic electrodes. Our team has a good understanding of medical electrode printing for complex multi-layer structures.

Quad Industries produces screen printed electrodes and biosensors in small batch and high volume quantities.

10 tips for medical membrane switches

Why Quad Industries?

At Quad Industries we design, develop and produce membrane switches, capacitive touch solutions and printed electronics for medical devices.

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  • We can produce both low and high volumes.
  • In our modern and clean production facilities, we are able to integrate the most innovative technologies in your product.
  • We have more than 20 years of experience in designing control solutions and printed electronics for medical applications.

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