Hydrogel-free electrode patches

Test the possibilities of hydrogel-free electrode patches today!

Quad Industries has developed a carbon enhanced adhesive that makes an excellent alternative for hydrogel-based wearable patches.

Hydrogel-free electrode patches

There are plural benefits using this hydrogel-free technology platform:

  • The patch’s inability to dry out enhances its shelf life and opens up more options for packaging and storage.
  • Our straightforward manufacturing process offers cost-effective patch customization.
  • The stick-to-skin patches are AAMI EC12 compliant, and all materials are approved in 510(k) and CE marked finished good medical devices.

Due to its low impedance, signal quality remains uncompromised when compared to hydrogel patches.

Our wearable sensors, medically certified for use in various applications like sleep apnea, ECG monitoring, anesthesia monitoring, and stimulation, open the door to new possibilities. Developers exploring hydrogel solutions at first glance should also consider the numerous advantages of the hydrogel-free electrode.

This may be the right technology for you to create a customized solution that completely fits your needs.

Test its functionality today! Ask for your free sample kit and test the unparalleled possibilities of the hydrogel-free electrode patch.

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