Henkel has always taken the lead in revolutionizing materials and enabling the technologies of the future. To demonstrate the potential of its Loctite portfolio of functional inks for printed electronic circuits on foil and the integration of flexible printed circuitry in smart products and IoT applications, Henkel collaborated with its longtime trusted partners Quad Industries and LAIIER®. The result is the recently launched Sensor INKxperience Kit, an innovative and indispensable toolbox for engineers to explore new possibilities for the use of printed electronics and the implementation of printed sensor technology in the development of intelligent surfaces.

For over 25 years, Quad Industries has led the way in printed electronics. Our extensive technical expertise and track record of innovative solutions have made us a valued partner for Henkel, especially when it comes to the development of cutting-edge printed electronics and prototypes for a variety of industries. We have previously collaborated with Henkel on multiple successful projects, including the Loctite Sensor Kit. We are proud to have partnered with Henkel once again for the design, development and production of the Sensor INKxperience Kit.

The Sensor INKxperience Kit contains five reusable printed foil sensors, along with four different technologies: a Leak Detection Sensor, a Non-Contact Liquid Level Sensor, a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Heater and both a Single Zone and a Multi Zone Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) Sensor. The printed sensors come preconfigured with hardware (a Raspberry Pi, breakout boards, connector and power cables) and software for immediate and continuous data read-out and offer an easy set-up for the ideation of new ideas and proof of concept during the prototyping and engineering process of the next generation IOT applications. It makes the Sensor INKxperience Kit the perfect tool to kickstart any printed electronics sensor project.

Henkel’s conductive inks are suitable for a broad variety of sensor technologies including water detection sensors, self-regulating heating, pressure sensing, or printed antennas.
Printed sensor technology has already been used across a variety of industrial end-application markets such as construction and building information management, logistics, transportation, smart home appliances, and furniture. The technology opens up new opportunities in intelligent surface sensor design by providing data collection for remote monitoring; offering benefits in terms of efficiency tracking and resource management, which ultimately results in increased product lifetime.

Before its release the Sensor INKxperience Kit has been thoroughly tested and validated by external partners. Thanks to a variety of user testing and surveys, Henkel can ensure that this kit and all five sensors meet the demands and requirements of IoT engineers across various markets and industries.

If you are looking to jumpstart your IoT projects, look no further. Henkel’s Sensor INKxperience Kit is the perfect engineering toolbox to experience the ease of use of printed electronics for the development, testing and prototyping of any IoT or smart sensor idea. Get experimenting today and order the kit directly from Henkel’s sample shop.

INKxperience Kit