Global Conference & Exhibition

12 & 13 October 2022
Eindhoven, Netherlands

TechBlick will be hosting the premier conference and exhibition on re-shaping the future of electronics focusing on the topics of printed, flexible, additive, hybrid, wearable, textile, 3D, structural and in-mold electronics.

The global community of innovators and material suppliers to equipment makers, manufacturers and end users will be present. The event takes place on the High Tech campus in Eindhoven known as the smartest km in Europe. 

As a TechBlick member Quad Industries will of course be present and our R&D Director Wim Christiaens will present on ‘Flexible Electronics: A world of opportunities’.

Wim will provide insights into printed electronics, a platform technology to create electrical devices on various substrates. By means of highly accurate screen-printing techniques, smart functionality is integrated on a wide range of materials such as flexible and stretchable films, textiles and paper. Some of our recent developments and applications include smart electrode patches, PTC film heaters, force sensors and in-mold electronics. 

Meet us on October 12th at 12.10 PM to get insights into printed electronics and discover our latest developments.

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